7 May 2021

Strengthening EU-Turkey Business Bridges

“Strengthening of EU-Turkey Business Bridges through more cooperation and comprehension of the EU” is a project that has been developed and implemented by Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Turkey) in partnership with Czech Chamber of Commerce (Czech Republic). It is one of 19 Chamber Partnership projects which is being supported by the European Union in the framework of TEBD.

The partnership project of Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Samsun CCI) and Czech Chamber of Commerce (Czech CC) aims to strengthen EU-Turkey Business Bridges, which will allow to share experience, whilst establishing cooperation through comprehension of EU issues among the Samsun and Czech business communities.

The Czech CC is an important organization that provides services at the Czech Republic level. Therefore, this project does not only allow businesspeople to be well supported on access to EU market issues in order to increase their and implicitly the Chambers role on the EU-Turkey dialogue, but also reinforces the service capacity of both Samsun CCI and Czech CC. More particularly, in EU based, EU acquis and SME internalization services via utilizing from the experience of the both Chambers.

Mutual study visits were organized by Samsun and Czech delegations. During these Study Visits, Business Forums and B2B Meetings were held and a sustainable cooperation bridge was established. Also, Joint awareness seminars were organized for SMEs and institutions on the EU Market and acquis with the participation of well-known expert trainers and an attendance of 238 participants.

Based on the needs of SMEs in the Samsun region, a 10-day training to 52 young professionals was given to qualify in foreign trade, six of which were employed by local companies following the training. Additionally, professional export consultancy was provided to 40 SMEs for four months where expert roadmaps on EU acquisition and how to enter the EU market were drawn up for SMEs in Samsun.

Activities from the Project 1/2

“I attended the foreign trade training organized by the Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Later, with the support of Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I started to work as a Foreign Trade Specialist in Merida Park Equipment. With the information I received from the training, I learned how to do it, which route to follow and which map to walk on. I try to add new customers to my portfolio with the information I received.”Uğur ÖZAY, Trainee at Merida Park Equipment.

Under the name Samsunexporters, an e-commerce platform was established, to which export companies/SMEs in Samsun can become a member and promote their products in seven different languages. This initiative resulted in over 210 new company entries. This platform also allows for communication between the buyer and seller, via e-mail and direct message.

Activities from the Project 2/2

Due to COVID-19, the project was suspended until 31 March 2021. Nonetheless, a virtual fair was held for SMEs to increase their foreign trade and reach the EU market, and between April and May 2021 activities such as Preparation and Dissemination of Project Final Booklets, a Project Closure Meeting, a Virtual fair, and Professional Surveys will take place.

Find more information on the Strengthening of EU-Turkey Business Bridges through more cooperation and comprehension of the EU project HERE.