16 February 2021

Innovation, Cooperation, and Sustainability

The “Intereuropean Concept Innovation Network” is a project that has been developed and implemented by Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Turkey) in partnership with Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgaria) and Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (Lithuania). It is one of 19 Chamber Partnership projects which is being supported by the European Union in the framework of TEBD.

“The Intereuropean Concept Innovation Network project has been a very important development for my career. Thanks to the project, I got information about the projects in different countries. I was especially honored to be in the competition held in 3 different countries.” – Kemal BAYRAM, Turkish entrepreneur.

The “Intereuropean Concept Innovation Network” project was launched back on April 1st of 2019. The specific aims of this initiative are to enhance the capacity of the Trabzon, Bulgarian, and Kaunas Chambers of Commerce and Industry; enriching and broadening their services, including, but not limited to, innovation management, IPR, design and commercialization. To do so, this project has its focus on the promotion of cultural development, as well as nourishing the innovative entrepreneurship spirit through trainings, consultancy services and the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

A bond was built between the three chambers through visits, were entrepreneurs had the chance to learn on subjects such as IPR, design, entrepreneurship and Project Cycle Management in Trabzon, Sofia and Kaunas.

Activities from the Project 1/2

Within the framework of the project an Entrepreneurship Competition was organized with a partial aim to create an opportunity to announce innovative ideas to the authorities who are pioneers of their working areas/sectors. Its accomplishment was carried out by the implementation of Innovative Entrepreneurship Contest, as well as Conferences themed on Technology and Innovation, and Consultancy on Preparation and Submission of Business Plans of Innovative Entrepreneurs. These practices allowed the Trabzon Chamber to fulfill its aims of capacity building of the chambers to better serve and represent their members; and ultimately to display an exchange of knowledge and best practices in the field of commercialization, research and development, innovation, transfer of technology, and IT technology.

Many were the gains and lessons of this project. During this process, participants developed abilities on dealing with force majeure, since a vast majority of the activities consisted of physical meetings and travels, which were banned due to the sanitary crisis that we live in. However, in order to rise upon the unexpected, these activities were held online.

Activities from the Project 2/2

Every project has its challenges, and the Intereuropean Concept Innovation Network soared upon them all, leaving an incredible outcome behind, and transforming many lives in the process.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the study visit to Trabzon, Turkey. I received valuable insights on how our partners and business support organizations successfully develop their technology centers and support their innovators. Another great contribution of this study visit is that we managed to build a sustainable partnership with our colleagues and other organizations from Turkey. This partnership currently continues with more interesting initiatives and projects dedicated to increase the capacities and opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship development in our countries.” – Blagovesta DZHABIROVA, Expert, Enterprise Europe Network (Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

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