The Turkey-EU Business Dialogue (TEBD) is a project co-funded by the European Union under its IPA II programme with Turkey.
The project aims to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between the Turkish and the European private sectors. Activities are implemented by the European and Turkish Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

TEBD is managed by EUROCHAMBRES, through a grant contract with CFCU, in close cooperation with TOBB, as the end beneficiary institution of the project.

This website offers an overview of all activities implemented in the framework of TEBD between July 2018 and December 2020.
For more information, contact the TEBD Team at EUROCHAMBRES.

TEBD Activities


This component of TEBD aims to build capacities of Chamber executives by a variety of tools and activities that does include a dedicated Chamber Academy program, proven support tools for SMEs such as Acquis-, Energy Efficiency- and Solvency Audits. This is complemented with Study Visits to the EU and Turkey.


The Policy Dialogue component aims to support the EU and Turkey economic relations by gathering representatives of the public and private sector at highest possible level which is supported by dedicated SMEs Surveys and Workshops with SMEs, in both the EU and Turkey.


The Chamber Partnerships aim to establish a viable relation between dedicated chambers in the EU and Turkey over a timeframe of 12-15 months. The outcome of those partnership projects shall pave the way for a long-term cooperation with the aim to improve the chambers capacity as well as new services to their member companies.


Latest News

SME Workshop hosted by Bursa Commodity Exchange (23 September 2020)

Within the scope of the Turkey-EU Business Dialogue (TEBD) Project, Bursa Commodity Exchange (Turkey) hosted an SME Workshop on “New Business Models and Techniques in the formation of New Strategies for Exporting to the European Market during the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

The workshop attracted around 33 participants and was opened by Mr Fehmi Yıldız , Secretary General of Bursa Commodity Exchange. Mr Mutlu Yılmaz, Foreign Trade Consultant and Trainer & Academician, participated as a speaker and provided insightful information about the problems caused by the Customs Union in exports to European Union countries, different strategies to be followed in exports in the pandemic process, and new business models and alternative marketing techniques. The TEBD project was presented by Ms Oya Ersöz, TEBD Project Director.

Among the participants were, Mr Özer Matlı, Bursa Commodity Exchange President of the Board of Directors & Board Member of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB); Mr Gökhan Onur, Vice President of the Assembly; Ms Sevgi Saygın, President of TOBB Bursa Women Entrepreneurs Board & Women Entrepreneurs Board Eastern Marmara Region Representative; Mr İbrahim Özmen, President of TOBB Bursa Young Entrepreneurs Board & Eastern Marmara Region Young Entrepreneurs Board Representative; and SMEs that are members of Bursa Commodity Exchange.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Monitoring Visit (14 September 2020)

The Monitoring Visits are continued successfully by TEBD Project Director, Ms Oya ERSÖZ, to the project “Twinning for Digitalization (T4D)” implemented by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (Istanbul CC), Turkey in partnership Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Paris IdF CCI), France. It is one of 19 partnerships projects which is supported by the European Union in the framework of the TEBD project.

The aim of this TEBD Chamber Partnership Project is to strengthen the capacity of Istanbul CC to provide advice and support to SMEs, in order help them access the benefits of digital technologies – including online marketing and e-commerce. In particular, the project partners are sharing knowledge and expertise that Paris IdF CCI has gained through the development of its own digital support service network under the label of “Les Digiteurs”.

An ecosystem for the Digital Transformation of SMEs is intended to be realized in the partnership of Istanbul CC and Paris IdF CCI and the positive impacts of the T4D project are expected to spread beyond Istanbul to other parts of Turkey, as knowledge and best practices are disseminated. Moreover, the T4D partners hope that their project will make a crucial contribution not only to the digitalization of companies but also to the strengthening of mutual knowledge and understanding between the Turkish and EU business communities.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry Monitoring Visit (11 September 2020)

This work week ended with a Monitoring Visit to the TEBD Chamber Partnership project “Transfer of best practices through structural dialogue for capacity development in the fields of digitization and industry-university collaboration”, carried out by TEBD Project Director Ms Oya ERSÖZ.

The TEBD Chamber Partnership project is coordinated by Istanbul Chamber of Industry (Turkey) in partnership with the Union of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts of Lombardy (Italy).

The aim of the project is to support close collaboration and bilateral exchanges between Turkish Chambers and their counterparts in the EU in order to support the integration of European and Turkish business communities and contribute to Turkey’s EU accession process by means of sharing experience and knowledge.

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