Kars Commodity Exchange (Turkey)

Project Title:

“Accreditation Guidance to Kars Commodity Exchange and provision for cheese production variety”

Project Coordinator:

Kars Commodity Exchange (Turkey)

Project Partners:

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serres (Greece)

  • Galati Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Romania)

  • Ardahan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Turkey)

Overall objective:

Enable the cheese producers in Kars to begin to produce two new cheese varieties that can be produced throughout the year in addition to the regional Kashar cheese, and also to enable the Kars Commodity Exchange to develop its institutional capacity with guidance from Chambers in Greece and Romania.

Specific objectives:

  1. Support cooperation and exchange of knowledge between Chambers and cheese producers in Kars (Turkey), Sibiu (Romania) and Serres (Greece);

  2. Obtain information on the production of new cheese varieties and share this knowledge with cheese producers in Kars (Turkey);

  3. Develop the institutional capacity of the Kars Commodity Exchange to provide improved and/or new services to its members.