Giresun Commodity Exchange (Turkey)

Project Title:

“Increase of Hazelnut Added Value in Giresun by Increasing the Collaboration of the Chambers”

Project Coordinator:

Giresun Commodity Exchange (Turkey)

Project Partners:

  • Turin Chamber of Commerce (Italy)

  • Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Turkey)

Overall objective:

Develop a business association with the Turin Chamber of Commerce in order to use the nuts, which are produced in the Giresun region, to create added value in the production of chocolate.

Specific objectives:

  1. Develop the institutional capacity of Giresun Commodity Exchange and obtain technical information about chocolate production;

  2. Inform the producers in Giresun about the chocolate sector;

  3. Promotion of Giresun hazelnuts all over Turkey;

  4. Establish cooperation between the Chambers and producers in Turkey (Giresun) and Italy (Turin);

  5. Increase the capacities of Giresun Commodity Exchange members in relation to foreign trade and marketing.

Project Web Site:

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