Solvency Audit (2nd Training)
4 December 2020

Solvency Audit (2nd Training)

The second Solvency Audit training, organized by the TEBD Project, and supported by TOBB and selected EU Experts, took place on 19 November 2020. Turkish Chamber/Exchange Executives selected from across Turkey attended the second training given by four EU Solvency Experts.

During this training, the EU Experts focused mainly on how to assist companies in distress and case-based training. More specifically:

Module 3: Assisting companies in distress 2 – action plan and follow-up, using the specialized tools of the toolkit correctly.

  • Tool for creditor management (how to engage in the company’s negotiations with creditors to secure backing for the action plan)
  • Tool for navigating bankruptcy proceedings/insolvency checklist
  • Guidance/good practice for strategic choices in the Action Planning

Module 4: Case-based training – Presentation of real company assistance cases, highlights of value-adding elements, discussion and reasoning of strategic choices made by the consultant.

Following the second training, each Turkish Chamber/Exchange committed to carry out 10 solvency assistance cases (all online) among different Turkish companies who face difficulties, offering assistance using the toolkit provided by the EU Experts.