SME Workshop hosted by Çanakkale Commodity Exchange (21 December 2020)
21 December 2020

SME Workshop hosted by Çanakkale Commodity Exchange

In the frame of the TEBD Project, the online SME Workshop on “New Business Models and Techniques for Creating New Strategies in Exports to EU Market in the Pandemic Process” was hosted by Çanakkale Commodity Exchange.

The workshop was opened by Mr Sefer Kaya ÜZEN, President of Çanakkale Commodity Exchange. Mr Özel Oytun TÜRKOĞLU, Business, Marketing and Brand Strategist, participated as a speaker and held a presentation on new business models and techniques in the creation of new strategies in export to the European Market during the Pandemic Process. Stating that E-commerce is a great opportunity for SMEs in times of COVID-19, Mr Türkoğlu mentioned that with an accurate analysis of exports, the target markets should be determined very well and the predictions for these markets should be planned correctly. The TEBD Project was presented by Ms Oya ERSÖZ, TEBD Project Director. The workshop attracted around 40 participants.

Among the participants were Çanakkale Commodity Exchange Vice President Mr C. Cem DEMIR, TOBB Çanakkkale Young Entrepreneurs Council (GGK) President Mr Orçun OKTAY, TOBB Çanakkkale Women Entrepreneurs Board (KGK) President Ms Birce Bilici ŞIMŞEK, GGK and KGK Members, Çanakkkale Commodity Exchange Members, and Regional Chamber Presidents and Secretary Generals.