Call for Solvency Audit Opened
26 October 2020

Call for Solvency Audit Opened

Following the first EU Acquis Audit activity that took place in 2019, a second “service” from our Capacity Building Component will be developed in the project, the Solvency Audit activity.

The objective of this activity is to develop capacity within Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges to offer a first line service to companies who face difficulties. This service will be based on the existing Early Warning Mechanism developed for EU SMEs. The objective is to develop a diagnostic toolkit, which allow the chamber and the company to evaluate its risk for insolvency or bankruptcy.

The Solvency Audit activity will be organised as a Mentoring and Training modules for 25 Turkish Chamber/Commodity Exchange executives in 3 different sessions from October until January 2021.

The Online training sessions will be organised in 3 different sessions:

  • Training 1: Module 1 & Module 2 together as a whole-day seminar (19th November 2020)
  • Training 2: Module 3 & Module 4 together as a whole-day seminar (4th December 2020)
  • Training 3: Module 5 as a whole-day seminar (12th January 2021)

Modules’ description:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the methodology of Early Warning, understanding the concept, overview of the step wise assistance, understanding the reasons behind opting for survival or closure of a company.
  • Module 2: Assisting companies in distress – the initial contact with the company owner, screening and diagnosis, using the interview guideline, good practice in establishing an overview of the company and its problems.
  • Module 3: Assisting companies in distress 2 – action plan and follow-up, using the specialized tools of the toolkit correctly.
  • Module 4: Case-based training. Presentation of real company assistance cases, highlights of value-adding elements, discussion and reasoning of strategic choices made by the consultant.
  • Module 5: After the Turkish consultants have their first assistance cases): troubleshooting, best practice, dilemmas, replies to specific queries.

Following the training sessions indicated above, each Turkish Chamber/Commodity Exchange will commit to carry out 10 solvency assistance cases among different Turkish companies who face difficulties, offering assistance using the toolkit.

The documents, “Call for Participants”, “Application Form” and “Regulation on Protection of Personal Information (GDPR)”, that must be signed in accordance with the application are available in the links below.

Eligible Candidates within your Chamber/Exchange are to fill in and complete the below forms and send the forms and submit their application to

Please click here to download the Call for Participants document. (120 KB)
Please click here to download the Application Form. (100 KB)
Please click here to download the GDPR Consent form. (3.5 MB)