2nd Study Visit to Turkey- Textile & Footwear Sector


25/11/2019 - 29/11/2019


İzmir, Turkey


“Textile & Footwear Sector”


The objective of this Study Visit is to allow EU Chambers representatives to obtain a better understanding of the importance of the “Textile and Footwear” sector in Turkey, and the opportunities for EU business.

Participation requirements for EU Chambers Executives:

  • you are a full-time Chamber employee, for at least one year;
  • you have a good understanding of English
  • you have a specific interest or responsibility in such sector, in your Chamber
  • you wish to acquire and apply sound knowledge on the proposed topic.

How to apply:

If you are interested in participating in the TEBD Study Visit on Textile & Footwear, please don’t hesitate to contact Ángela Ustárroz (ustarroz@eurochambres.eu) to obtain more information.


7 November 2019, 4.00pm Brussels time, at the latest.

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