TEBD – Energy Efficiency Audit – Final Report (English) NEW

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Following the EU Acquis Audit and the EU Solvency Audit activities, a third “service” is developed in the project, the Energy Efficiency activity.

The objective of this activity is to develop capacity and knowledge within Turkish Chambers/Commodity Exchanges, which allows them to advise SMEs/members on how they can reduce their energy consumption, and thus become more competitive and raise the awareness on Energy Efficiency.

An online training has been organised in May 2021 for approximately 30 Turkish Chamber/Commodity Exchange Executives. The training has been delivered by the network experts of EUROCHAMBRES and TOBB.

The Energy Efficiency activity consists out of 3 modules:

  1. Module 1

Online Trainings on how to use the Energy Efficiency Toolkit (Questionnaire, Checklist, etc), understanding the different sections, data collection, identification of opportunities and referral points for further exploration.

  1. Module 2

Outreach by Turkish Chamber/Commodity Exchange experts to SMEs, assist the SMEs with the Energy Efficiency Toolkit learned during the trainings. The EU experts provide support and consultation to the Turkish Chamber experts during the entire process.

Following that module and after the completion of the energy visits, “Energy Efficiency Help Desks” are planned to be developed in the approximately 30 Turkish Chambers/Commodity Exchanges.

  1. Module 3

Preparation of the final report by the EU experts, summarising the Energy Efficiency situation among Turkish SMEs, and making policy and technical recommendations for further actions based on the inputs by the Turkish Chambers/Commodity Exchanges participating.

The Online training sessions have been organised in 2 different sessions:

  • Training 1: 4-5 May 2021 (as a 2-day seminar)
  • Training 2: 25-26 May 2021 (as a 2-day seminar)

Following these trainings, in Module 2, each Turkish Chamber/Commodity Exchange is committed to carry out 10 energy efficiency visits (online or onsite) among different Turkish companies using the Toolkit. The total target is therefore 300 Turkish Companies visited. The TEBD Team, with the support of experts, are in contact with each Turkish Chamber/Commodity Exchange to complete the visits.

Following the completion of these visits using the Toolkit, a general Energy Efficiency Report is drafted by each Chamber/Commodity Exchange participant, providing a comprehensive overview of the potential for further energy efficiency actions within Turkish companies.

Energy Efficiency Training (2021)

Topic : Energy Efficiency Training
Location : Online
Dates : 4-5 May 2021 / 25-26 May 2021
Hosted by : The Turkey-EU Business Dialogue (TEBD) and The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB)
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