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Turkish enterprises are key players in the process of aligning Turkish legislation with the requirements of EU legislation (also known as the EU acquis), as most of the Turkish legislation adapted to the EU acquis will affect them either directly or indirectly. It is therefore crucial that the Turkish business community is properly informed in a timely way, not only on the relevant legislative changes, but also on the potential opportunities and challenges presented by Turkey’s future accession to the EU.

Within the framework of the Turkey-EU Business Dialogue (TEBD) project, the EU Acquis Audit Toolkit that was initiated under previous programmes (ETCF I & ETCF II) has been further developed and introduced to the Turkish Chamber Network. The aim of the Acquis Audit is to provide a comprehensive overview of the level of compliance of individual enterprises in relation to specific requirements of EU legislation.

The aims of the Acquis Audit are:

  • To develop a consultancy program for local and regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Commodity Exchanges in Turkey, in order to assist companies with the implementation of relevant EU Legislation
  • To collect detailed information on Turkish companies’ level of compliance in the selected sectors, and provide this to policy makers in Turkey and in the EU.

The TEBD team within EUROCHAMBRES, with the support of network experts, has developed a “diagnostic toolkit” consisting of detailed checklists, translating relevant EU legislation into a series of questions addressed to individual companies. Such checklists enable the companies to assess to what extent they comply with relevant EU legislation.

Three toolkits have been developed to address specific sectors:

  • TOOLKIT 1: Acquis services in the field of agri-food products
  • TOOLKIT 2: Acquis services in the field of industrial products covered by “CE marking”
  • TOOLKIT 3: Acquis services in the field of sustainable production and trade

A four-day training has been organized in Turkey for 25 Turkish Chamber and Commodity Exchange executives, on how to use the Acquis Audit Toolkits. This training event has been organised by EUROCHAMBRES, the TEBD team, and experts from the Chamber network.

Following their participation in the training, each Turkish Chamber of Commerce and/or Industry (or Commodity Exchange) commits to carry out at least 10 Acquis Audits of Turkish companies, in order to assess their compliance with the requirements of relevant EU Legislation.

Acquis Audit (2019)

Topic : Acquis Audit Training
Location : Ankara (Turkey)
Date : 18 – 21 June 2019
Hosted by : TEBD & TOBB
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