Testimonial TEBD Study Visit Latvia & Estonia

Great testimonial from our participant of the 3rd EU TEBD Study Visit to Latvia & Estonia (from 27 to 31 January 2020).

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COVID-19: All TEBD events postponed until further notice

As we all know, the outbreak and pandemic status of the new disease COVID-19 continues to affect the global population.

The TEBD team is closely following the current situation regarding travel restrictions and other measures that are being applied in Turkey and in the European Union, in order to prevent the spread of the virus (COVID-19).

Due to travel restrictions, limits to the holding of public meetings, and other measures enacted to contain the spread of the virus, we have decided to postpone all of the public events which were due to take place in the framework of the TEBD project until further notice.

We urge everybody to follow the recommendations of their respective local or national health services. The TEBD team will continue to closely monitor developments related to COVID-19 and will keep you informed of the latest developments on TEBD events.

In case you have any questions regarding specific events or activities, you may contact the TEBD team (

In the meantime we wish you all well and stay safe!

Chambers in Istanbul and Paris join forces to help companies go digital

‘Twinning for Digitalization’ (T4D) is a project that has been developed and implemented by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (Turkey) in partnership with the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (France). It is one of 19 partnership projects which is being supported by the European Union in the framework of TEBD.

Digitalization can be considered as both an opportunity and a challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). While the benefits of digitalization can be very significant, companies are often deterred by a lack of resources, or by not having access to the necessary knowledge. Addressing the digitalization needs of SMEs is the main objective of the T4D project, which was launched on 1 April 2019 and is due to end in the summer of 2020.

The T4D project aims to strengthen the capacity of Istanbul CoC to provide advice and support to companies, in order help them access the benefits of digital technologies – including online marketing and e-commerce. In particular, the project partners have shared knowledge and expertise that Paris CCI has gained through the development of its own digital support service network under the label of “Les Digiteurs”.

During the first 12 months of the project, the partners have carried out research on the digital needs of SMEs in the city and province of Istanbul. Paris CCI has produced a Guidebook of Methodology Transfer and Partnership Building, and has also provided training to five members of staff from Istanbul CoC. Meanwhile, Istanbul CoC has developed a web platform for SMEs supported by a diagnostic tool to assess the needs of each business, and has also started to set up a digital transformation academy.

During the last few weeks, it has become even more evident that digitalization is vital for businesses to succeed in the 21st Century. The context of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to move faster in the direction of digitalization. At the end of this period, we can expect to find that those companies which have already embraced digitalization will have suffered less damage than others. One can even say that digital transformation could act as a ‘lifesaver’ for many companies – especially SMEs.

In the long term, the positive impacts of the T4D project are expected to spread beyond Istanbul to other parts of Turkey, as knowledge and best practices are disseminated. Moreover, the T4D partners hope that their project will make a crucial contribution not only to the digitalization of companies but also to the strengthening of mutual knowledge and understanding between the Turkish and EU business communities.

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Testimonial TEBD Study Visit Latvia & Estonia

Don’t just take our word for it; see what our participant says about her own experience of the TEBD Study Visit to Latvia and Estonia! Thank you for this testimonial!

Hazelnuts are the focus of a fruitful Partnership between Giresun and Turin

‘Increase of Hazelnut Added Value in Giresun by Increasing The Collaboration of The Chambers’ is the name of a partnership project that began in April 2019 under the leadership of the Giresun Commodity Exchange, in collaboration with the Turin Chamber of Commerce and Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This is just one of the 19 partnership projects which is being supported by the European Union in the framework of TEBD.

The project partners came together in Giresun (Turkey) for the Kick-off Meeting on 8 October 2019, which was followed by a meeting between producers and the signing of a Cooperation Protocol on 9 October. The delegation from Turin gained valuable information about the hazelnut industry and licensed warehousing in the Giresun region with the visit of hazelnut plants and sharing of technical know-how.

In December 2019, a delegation from Giresun took part in a five-day Technical Visit to Turin, which included visits to several factories and hazelnut gardens in the Piemonte region. The participants visited companies with state-of-the-art processing and production facilities for food production (Ziccat and Tastelanghe) and an industrial automation company that specializes in food processing and packaging (DSC).

PHOTOS: Visit to the Fiskobirlik warehouse in Giresun (Left), Visit to Tastelanghe facilities in Somano (Right)

At the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, the Turkish visitors learned about the latest trends in the production and consumption of various food products. The programme of the Study Visit facilitated valuable contacts between representatives of Turkish and Italian companies, and it is expected that these contacts will lead to cooperation that should bring positive benefits to all of the parties involved.

One of the most significant results of the project has been the preparation of a ‘Research report on Chocolate Production with Giresun Hazelnuts’ which contains detailed information about the technical requirements of chocolate production facilities. This report has been published in Turkish and Italian versions (100 copies in each language), and is being distributed by the project partners to companies in the Giresun Province of Turkey and those in the Piedmont Region of Italy.

Other notable activities that have been carried out in the framework of this project include an ‘Information Seminar for Hazelnut Manufacturers’ which was attended by 13 representatives of hazelnut producers in the Giresun Province.

The last activity organised in the framework of the project was a training session on ‘Foreign Trade and Marketing Methods’ intended for companies in the Giresun Province. This was an opportunity for the 18 participants to learn about export-oriented marketing strategies; market information, market relations, buyers, suppliers, prices, commercial regulations and labour legislation in the target market.

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