The overall objective of the Turkey-EU Business Dialogue project is to strengthen mutual knowledge and understanding between Turkish Chambers and their counterparts in the EU. Thus, promoting the integration of EU and Turkish business communities and ensuring a stronger awareness of the opportunities and challenges of a potential future Turkey’s accession to the EU in both Turkey and the EU. The TEBD project will allow the Turkish and European Chambers, as members of civil society, to improve their cooperation, enhancing the capacity of Turkish Chambers and their role in the EU accession process and the on-going reform of the Customs Union between Turkey and the EU.

The TEBD project wants to promote a constructive private sector dialogue between the EU and Turkey that will lead to positive and lasting results for both sides.

The specific objectives of the project are: 
1 – Strengthening capacity of Turkish Chambers in improving/adding new services to their members; 
2 – Increasing the participation of the business community in political life in Turkey,  in particular in providing input to modernize the Customs Union between the EU and Turkey and to move forward the EU accession process; 
3 – Increasing opportunities of networking and exchange of best practices between Turkish and EU Chambers; 
4 – Enhancing awareness of the opportunities and challenges of Turkey’s accession to the EU between both business communities.



The TCDP project was launched in 2001 and implemented successfully by EUROCHAMBRES and TOBB, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. Through the establishment of sustainable partnerships between selected Chambers both from Turkey and the EU, the program aimed at strengthening the role of Turkish Chambers in their activities to enhance the internationalization of enterprises as well as their role as key players in local development. During the first phase of the program, partnerships between EU and Turkish Chambers have been successfully implemented. In the second phase, several partnerships were extended by introducing additional Turkish Chambers and new partnerships were established. Effective steps were taken, ensuring a tangible improvement of the Chambers’ performances vis-a-vis their membership and local institutions. The two phases of the TCDP project highlighted the crucial role that Chambers could and should play in the overall process of preparing the business communities for the international market and enhancing their competitiveness.


The ETCF project was implemented in 2007 by EUROCHAMBRES, in cooperation with TOBB.

Two kinds of activities were implemented in the context of the ETCF project:
1 – The first type of activities developed expertise on EU related issues within the Turkish Chamber network. ETCF enabled Turkish Chambers to follow the legislative changes in Turkey in line with adoption to the so-called EU acquis communautaire in order to facilitate the effective implementation of this acquis. 
2 – The second type of activities enhanced the ability of Turkish Chambers to design and generate value-added services to their members by bench-marking with their European counterparts and benefiting from their know-how. The successful implementation of these activities have enhanced the debate on Turkey’s EU membership within the business communities in the EU as well as in Turkey. Moreover, it has brought a real support in assisting Turkish companies in their economic integration process and companies from both sides in maximizing business opportunities in the other market. In this way, the business community can contribute to re-energize the EU-Turkey relationship.