The Chamber Academies are a management training program for middle and senior Chamber executives, offering dedicated training on how to improve the general management and performance of a Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Chamber of Industry / Chamber of Commerce / Commodity Exchange. The Academy is an activity that has been rolled out for 15 years across Europe and other continents, addressing the specific needs for Chamber executives.

As part of the TEBD project, two four-day Chamber Academies for Turkish and EU Chamber executives are organized in Turkey to enhance their management skills, improve strategic planning and develop innovative services provided to their members. Each Academy offers at least 6 management courses, with strong focus on peer-to-peer learning.


The aim of the Acquis Audit activity is twofold: 
1. To develop a consultancy program for local Chambers in Turkey to assist companies in the implementation of specific EU legislation;   
2. To provide detailed information on the Turkish companies’ level of compliance in the selected sectors to the policy makers in Turkey and in the EU.

The specific objectives of the Acquis Audit are: 
1. To develop a diagnostic tool-kit which will allow companies to be screened by experts on their level of acquis compliance 
2. To train a pool of Turkish Chamber experts who will then be in charge for conducting the audit during and after the program 
3. To develop complementary media tools to ensure that the audit is well understood by business and the wider public in Turkey 
4. To test the tool kit with a sample of 250 Turkish companies and to ensure that 25 Turkish Chambers have the capacity to offer this tool tot heir member companies in the future. 
5. To draft a report providing detailed information on the Turkish companies’ level of compliance in the selected sectors.


The aim of the Energy Efficiency Audit activity is to develop capacity and knowledge within Turkish Chambers, which will allow them to advise SMEs/members on how they can reduce their energy consumption, and thus become more competitive. 

This tool is based on the tested methodology under the EU funded Support and Training for an Excellent Energy Efficiency Performance (STEEEP) project which helps to reduce energy consumption. The implementation of this Audit follows a similar process as the Acquis Audit.


The Solvency Audit addresses Turkish SMEs that face financial and operational difficulties. In line with the previous Audit activities, this activity aims at developing capacity within Turkish Chambers to offer a first line service to companies who face difficulties.

This service is based on the existing Pre-Solve instrument, developed for EU SMEs. The objective is to develop a range of checklists and diagnostic tools, which allow the Chamber as well as the companies to evaluate their risk for insolvency or bankruptcy. The implementation of this Audit follows a similar process as the Acquis Audit.


As a complement to the Chamber Academies, four four-day Study Visits are organised for Turkish Chamber executives in the EU and four four-day Study Visits are organised for EU Chamber executives in Turkey. Each visit focuses on topics of specific importance in the context of the reform of the Customs Union and the accession negotiations.

The aim of the visits is twofold:
1. To increase the institutional capacity of Turkish Chambers through training sessions on the specific topics mentioned; 
2. To enhance the understanding and knowledge on Turkey within the European Chamber and business community.