The Turkey-EU Business Dialogue (TEBD) is a project co-funded by the European Union under its IPA II programme with Turkey.
The project aims to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between the Turkish and the European private sectors. Activities are implemented by the European and Turkish Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

TEBD is managed by EUROCHAMBRES, through a grant contract with CFCU, in close cooperation with TOBB, as the end beneficiary institution of the project.

This website offers an overview of all activities implemented in the framework of TEBD between July 2018 and December 2020.
For more information, contact the TEBD Team at EUROCHAMBRES.

TEBD Activities


This component of TEBD aims to build capacities of Chamber executives by a variety of tools and activities that does include a dedicated Chamber Academy program, proven support tools for SMEs such as Acquis-, Energy Efficiency- and Solvency Audits. This is complemented with Study Visits to the EU and Turkey.


The Policy Dialogue component aims to support the EU and Turkey economic relations by gathering representatives of the public and private sector at highest possible level which is supported by dedicated SMEs Surveys and Workshops with SMEs, in both the EU and Turkey.


The Chamber Partnerships aim to establish a viable relation between dedicated chambers in the EU and Turkey over a timeframe of 12-15 months. The outcome of those partnership projects shall pave the way for a long-term cooperation with the aim to improve the chambers capacity as well as new services to their member companies.


Latest News

Test, diagnose and cure… The SME Hospital and European Network project

The “SME Hospital and European Network project has been developed and implemented by  Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Turkey) in partnership with Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (Lithuania), Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Romania), Afyonkarahisar Commodity Exchange (Turkey), and Bingöl Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Turkey). It is one of 19 partnership projects which is being supported by the European Union in the framework of TEBD.

SMEs are the backbone of European economy and play a major role in exports as well as employment, not just in Europe but worldwide. The SME Hospital and European Network project aims to diagnose financial problems of SMEs and create sustainable and permanent solutions for problems that they encounter as well as bringing Turkish SMEs to a position where they can compete on the same level with their European counterparts.

Within the scope of SME Hospital and European Network project, Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and Industry has organized field trips to Romania and Lithuania and conducted study visits. After the study visits, a B2B meeting was organized in Afyonkarahisar with the participation of local and international project partners, Romanian Ambassador, Romanian Counselor and Lithuanian Counselor. In this meeting, Romanian and Lithuanian representatives presented their countries and possible business opportunities.

During the 15 months of the project, multiple educations and seminars were organized within the scope of the project increasing the knowledge of SMEs in managing financial resources and mentoring visits have been performed to 80 SMEs in Afyonkarahisar (Turkey), Bingöl (Turkey), Sibiu (Romania) and Siauliai (Lithuania), analysing and surveying their financial needs and knowledge. The results of the analysis and surveys identified the SMEs strong and weak points, leading to recommendations. Also, a free E-learning platform available in four languages (Turkish, English, Romanian and Lithuanian) on which SMEs can find education modules on finance and financial management has been created.

As a result of this project, SMEs have increased their awareness and financial knowledge on managing their financial resources effectively and flourish in the future.  Also, the project partnership has increased the mutual knowledge between Turkish Chambers and their counterparts in Europe.

Click here for more information about the Chamber Partnerships.

Tarsus Commodity Exchange Webinar on “Trade with Baltic States and Opportunities”

In January 2020 the TEBD Project organized a Study Visit to Latvia & Estonia on “Business Cooperation between Turkey and the Baltic States”. Mrs Pinar Alegöz, an International Trade Coordinator​​​​​​​ from Tarsus Commodity Exchange (Turkey) was one of the participants that had the chance to visit several factories and institutions that are producing according to the EU Acquis.

The Baltic States imports fresh fruits, vegetables, agri-food products, and produces wooden products. Seeing as the agriculture sector In the Tarsus region in Turkey is very developed, Tarsus Commodity Exchange saw great possibilities of collaboration between Turkey and the Baltic States after the TEBD Study Visit and took action towards potential collaborations and partnerships, and share best practices.

As a result of the TEBD Study Visit, for these purposes Tarsus Commodity Exchange organized a webinar on Trade with Baltic States and Opportunities’. During the webinar, the Commercial Counsellor of The Turkish Embassy in Vilnius, Mr Umit Atesagaoglu, introduced the Baltic States market to the members of Tarsus Commodity Exchange. Mr Atesagaoglu shared detailed information on importers of the Baltics States and Tarsus Commodity Exchange member sprang into action contacting these importers. The webinar proved to be successful and fruitful.

Currently Tarsus Commodity Exchange is digital commercial delegation during which introductions will me made and bilateral meetings will take place. When ruling allows, Tarsus Commodity Exchange will visit companies for possible collaboration and invitations will be extended to visit the facilities of the members in Turkey.

In recent days we are preparing a digital commercial delegation that they can have bilateral meeting and they can konow each other. After Covid-19 process we will visit companies de facto in Baltic States and also invite them to see our members’ facilities.

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